Friday, February 4, 2011

What a hopeless mob! Qantas engine fault leaves Aussies stranded in Cairo

AUSTRALIANS trying to escape Egypt's violence have been left stranded due to an engine fault in a Qantas 747.

The free mercy flight, organised by Prime Minister Julia Gillard and Qantas, was due to arrive at Frankfurt Airport, Germany, at 5.30am AEDT carrying Australian citizens. But at midnight the plane was still grounded at Frankfurt, unable to leave for Cairo.

About 50 Australians were waiting at Cairo Airport to be airlifted out of the strife-torn country last night.

It was the second free rescue flight deployed by the Australian Government. The first flight, carrying more than 190 people, landed in Frankfurt early today.

A spokesman last night confirmed the Qantas flight had not left Frankfurt Airport for Cairo due to engine problems and was being fixed by engineers. He said he was unable to say when the stranded Australians would be rescued but that they were committed to getting all citizens out of Egypt.

More than 700 Australians have registered with DFAT saying they needed to be evacuated from the troubled country.


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